Christmas concert

Another of our fantastic performers

One of our fantastic preformers

Our Christmas concert at the end of December is always a great success. The children (2.5-5yrs), at Bright Beginnings, join together to put on a fantastic show for their parents and families. They are always very proud of themselves and rightly so!

Graduation Day and Summer Concert

A proud moment for her parents

Our summer concert and graduation ceremony in June is the highlight of our year at Bright Beginnings. Its an opportunity for the children (2.5yrs-5yrs) to show off to their parents all they have learned during the year. Then the children leaving us for primary school in autumn are dressed in their cute red graduation caps and gowns to receive their “Bachelor of Rhymes Degrees”. Finally they proudly pose with family, carers and friends for lots of precious photos. It’s a day of great celebration but also a day of sadness for us as we have to let go of the children we love, some of whom have been with us since they were 4mths old. If we could keep them we would but it’s time for them to take the next step in their lives and make their mark in the world. So we reluctantly let them go, with all our wishes for a fantastic and happy life.

Our Sports Day and Summer Party

Everyone is a winner at sports day

At Bright Beginnings sports day everyone is a winner. There is absolutely no emphasis on winning, only on taking part. And sports day is one activity everyone loves to take part in. Even the babies have their creeping race competition and the carers join in to all the sporting events. At the end of the morning every child is presented with a medal and are very proud to show them off to their parents at home time.


We usually take the older children on two or more outings during the year. Some of the many places we have been in the past are shows in the Arts Centre, visits to the fire station, Belvedere, Jungle Joe’s etc, etc. The bus ride is always a big hit with the children who enjoy sitting beside their friends and singing songs along the way.

Alanna's special day


All children’s birthdays are celebrated at Bright Beginnings.

Friends and carers join together to sing Happy Birthday and give three cheers for the “special person” on their “special day.”