Meal Times

At Bright Beginnings meal times are a social, happy time for chatting with friends and developing tastes for various foods. We want your child to benefit from eating healthy and nutritious food.

Food prepared and served with love and care


Breakfast is a choice of cereals followed by toast and a drink(served until 9:30).

Lunch is at 12

All our lunches are tried, tested and approved by our “young customers” and are 100% healthy with a variety of fresh vegetables every day.(We never serve chicken nuggets, chips or similar processed foods). Food is prepared and served with love and care.

Afternoon snack is at 3pm

At snack a selection of fruit is served first every day.

This is followed by something different every day, such as spaghetti and toast or crackers and cheese.

Our 5pm snack is a plain biscuit and milk

  • All meals are balanced across all the food groups. Food is prepared and cooked in our kitchen and processed foods, salts and sugar are kept to a bare minimum. We only use natural flavourings. Water, milk and fruit juice are available throughout the day.
  • If you have special dietary requirements, we can cater to your child on an individual basis.
  • All our meat is purchased from a reputable butcher.
  • The kitchen is operated under the H.A.C.C.P.(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system which is a systematic examination of steps involved in the production of food on the premises and ensures the highest standards of food safety.

For any further deatails contact me Kelly B.A. H.Dip on (085) 288 4208. I will be more than happy to help you.