Is your child happy coming to nursery?

Yes; very happy and content and mother is very content leaving them there. Happy children = Happy Mother!!

What are we doing well that stands out in your mind ?

I am always impressed by the individual attention each child receives from their carer or any of the team. “It’s like a home from home” Also if a child is sick, until I get there; they get great attention.

Your comments on the level of education we provide for your child.

Excellent; all aspects of education is specially aimed at their age and development and I find it’s geared at learning through fun.
Susan mother of three years old twins and a 1 yr old baby

Really found the video cctv very good. It is very comforting to know that you can log on to see your child anytime. Feel the cameras really give peace of mind. If I miss him during the day I can log on to see him.
Cathy mother of 18mth old at Bright Beginnings

Overall, we are really happy with everything. The girls (staff) are wonderful and do so much with the children.
Paula mother of 18mth old

Is your child happy coming to Bright Beginnings?

Loves coming! Cries if we go by and don’t call.
Lorraine mother of 2 yrs 10 mth old

Very happy overall and so are our children…Happy nurturing atmosphere…Excellent, caring staff!

How do you find our staff team in general?

Incredibly friendly, open, honest, everyone is caring and concerned for children’s welfare…….

Do you feel your child is kept busy and entertained throughout the day?

Yes, the day is structured and children are kept entertained and happy with lots of fun activities.

Your comments please on the location of our service.

This was one of the first things that attracted us to the nursery as it is a rural location with the forest and farmland around but is still close to town for work. Outdoor time is essential and one of the main reasons we chose Bright Beginnings was the emphasis on outdoors / nature / plants/ soeing seeds etc…it’s very beneficial and enjoyable.
Louise mother of 3 year old and 21mth old.